Referee Clinic

Referee Clinic

November 23rd, 2023Whitehorse, Yukon

Prices & Deadlines

Regular deadline:
November 23rd, 2023 7:00pm (Mountain Time)Registration Closed
Registration Fees

Free Registration!

Other Information

Requirements complete two E-Learning Modules under MultiSport located in your NCCP Locker:
1) Skilled Interaction for Officials
2) Decision Making for Officials

Payment of $19.95 for each module. Refund is available by emailing a copy of the receipt to instructor.

Judo Yukon Referee policy and guidelines explained.
Role of the referee and the technical officials
Format of bowing in and bowing out.
Gestures - practical
Written Tests
Certification: Level D will be at Carcross Shiai Sat / 02 Dec 2023
Date: Thu / 23 Nov 2023
Venue: YRTC, 123 Copper Rd
Time: 7:20pm-930pm
Dress: Gi
Equipment: Pen & Paper