2024 Western Canada Open Kata Championship

2024 Western Canada Open Kata Championship

January 27th, 2024Regina, Saskatchewan

Prices & Deadlines

Regular deadline:
January 19th, 2024 11:59pm (Central Time)Registration Opened
Registration Fees
1st Division $50.00
3rd Division $40.00

All prices in CAD $

Payment Methods


* Small processing fee applies

Other Information


SANCTIONED by: Judo Canada and Judo Saskatchewan

CLINIC: DATE: Judo Saskatchewan will host a kata clinic on Friday January 26, 2024 at the Regina Y Judo Club, 1256 Cornwall Street, Regina SK

TOURNAMENT DATE: Saturday January 27, 2024

Regina Sportsplex (Fieldhouse)
1717 Elphinstone Street
Regina, Saskatchewan

Members in good standing with Judo Saskatchewan / Judo Canada or an organization recognized by the IJF.

Saturday Morning: (warm up at 7:00) Competition starts 8:00 sharp. Note: the order of kata will be announced at 7:00 AM.

The tournament will follow Judo Canada and the 2023 IJF rules and regulations in judging this tournament.
Judo Canada judogis rules must be followed.
Female participants must wear a white T-Shirt with short sleeves and a round collar (no V necks) under their judogi. The shirt must be long enough to tuck into the judogi pants..
The judogi must be white. No judogi of any other colour will be accepted.
No musical katas are accepted.
There are no gender divisions in the tournament. The female, male and mixed couples are accepted.

There are two (2) surfaces of competition of eight (8) meters by eight (8) meters with a four (4) meter security between them.

A white strip of tape, 50 cm long, will be fixed at six (6) meters at the center of the competition area to indicate the starting positions for Tori and Uke. There will also be a tape indicating the center of the competition area.

If Tori and Uke are not able to continue for reasons of an injury, sickness, or an accident during the execution of the kata, the pair will be eliminated from the tournament.
In case of Minor injury like bloody wound, broken nail or a problem with contact lenses, according to the decision of the judges, the Kata execution will be stopped, and the athlete will be assisted by a Sport Therapist out of the competition area. The competition will continue, and the pair will repeat entirely the Kata soon after the last called pair.
In case a new Minor injury happens to the same athlete during the second execution of Kata, the pair will be considered out of competition.
In the case that a Minor injury happens after a forgotten technique, the pair will be considered out of competition.